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Basic characteristics

Country/Region of Origin:                                                        France
Trainability:                                                                                 Easy
Size:                                                                                       Medium
weight:                                                                                   13-18Kg
Energy level:                                                                               High
Exercise needed:                                                              60min/daily
Color:                                                                              White/Brown
Protection:                                                                                   Low
Shedding:                                                                                    Low
Area needed:                                                                                Big



Additional information (Wiki): The Brittany is a breed of gun dog primarily bred for bird hunting. Although the Brittany is often referred to as a spaniel, the breed's working characteristics are more akin to a pointer or setter. Brittanies were developed in the Brittany province of France in the 1800s.

The breed was originally bred as a hunting dog and noted for being easy to train, sensitive, and sweet-natured. Brittanies are all around sound dogs, as they are excellent family pets as well as working dogs in the field. The dogs are active and require frequent exercise and room to run, and a fenced yard is essential. At least one long walk and an off-leash run are required daily to satisfy the needs of most Brittanies. The breed sometimes gets a reputation for being crazy or uncontrollable, but these problems are almost invariably due to lack of exercise and training, and are not commonly seen in well cared-for dogs. If not given sufficient exercise, love, and socialization, Brittanies can become destructive or develop compulsive or neurotic behaviors. The Brittany makes a good house pet as long as it receives daily mental and physical exercise, as well as superb socialization on a regular basis.

Brittanies can become very shy if not thoroughly socialized, and even among well-socialized dogs there is significant variation in levels of friendliness. Some are highly gregarious and actively seek companionship, others are more aloof.

With more American dual champions (dogs with titles in both conformation shows and field trials) than any other breed, the Brittany maintains strong hunting instincts in all bloodlines.

Brittanies come in a variety of colours, where an orange and white coat or liver and white are most common in the American Brittany, Other colours include orange roan and liver roan, all of which are acceptable in the show ring. The American Brittany Standard does specify an acceptable tri-colour of liver, orange, and white with very specific color placement which is also acceptable in the show ring.

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