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Basic characteristics

Country/Region of Origin:                                                         Britain
Trainability:                                                                                 High
Size:                                                                                       Medium
weight:                                                                                   16-23Kg
Energy level:                                                                               High
Exercise needed:                                                              60min/daily
Color:                                                                 Black/Red/Tab/White
Protection:                                                                                   High
Shedding:                                                                               Medium
Area needed:                                                                                 Big



Additional information (Wiki): The Border Collie is a breed of herding dog that originated along the borders of England, Wales and Scotland. They are widely considered to be the most intelligent breed of dog in the world. These highly energetic dogs are often considered the world's best sheep herding dogs; they can be hyperactive and are frequently used on farms all over the world to assist with the handling of livestock. While originally bred for farm work, they have also become popular as pet and sport dogs. These dogs can be protective of a human family member and are, most of the time, affectionate to those they know. Because of their highly intelligent natures Border Collies must be carefully trained with a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation included in their daily schedules.

In general, Border Collies are medium-sized dogs without extreme physical characteristics and a moderate amount of coat. Their double coats can be anywhere from slick to lush, and can come in many colors, although black and white is by far the most common. Black tricolor (black/tan/white or sable and white), red (chocolate) and white, and red tricolour (red/tan/white) also occur regularly, with other colors such as blue, lilac, red merle, blue merle, brindle and "Australian red"/gold seen less frequently. Border Collies may also have single-color coats.

Border Collies are an intelligent breed with an instinctive desire to work closely and intensely with a human handler. Although the primary role of the Border Collie is that of the working stock dog, dogs of this breed are becoming increasingly popular as pets. True to their working heritage, Border Collies make very demanding, energetic pets that are better off in households that can provide them with plenty of exercise and ample play with humans or other dogs. Border collies are happiest with a job to do. However, a job to a border collie isn't necessarily working live stock. An activity such as Frisbee, chasing and retrieving a ball, to name just a few will suffice. As long as the Border collie is in the herding/working position, (Crouched down, tail tucked between legs, eyes firmly fixed on the matter in hand), it considers it work. Border Collies are now also being used in showing, especially agility, where their speed and agility comes to good use. Some Border Collies tend to bite or nip their owners due to herding instincts. They will try to bite at their owners ankles and try to lead them. which makes dog sports popular with Border Collie owners. However, in an appropriate home, with a dedicated, active owner, a Border Collie can be an excellent companion.

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